Property Management is a 24-hour/365 day business but that does not mean your Property Manager is available 24/7.  So, what do you do when the office is closed? Advantage Management has an Afterhours Emergency Hotline (312) 447-0911. 

But what qualifies as an emergency?

In case of fire or a gas smell, you should call 911 first then call the Advantage Emergency Hotline.

In case of a burglary, prowler, or trespasser call 911 and request assistance.

In the case of a utility outage, you should call the utility company first since in most cases the account is in your individual name for your unit. The company may also have information on the outage if it’s something that is affecting the whole building/area.

When you do need to place a call to the Emergency Hotline please make sure to:

Leave your full name

Building name

Address with unit number

A description of the emergency

A number where you can be reached

Below are some examples of common issues and when you should call the Emergency Hotline and when you should just call the office during normal business hours.