From time to time, your Association’s Board of Directors may choose to form committees to help gather information.  Advantage Management would like to help address some common questions about forming committees and their role.  Committees, when formed and run properly, are very helpful to the Board members by taking some of the workload away from the Board.

What is the purpose of HOA committees?

HOA committees assist Board members by addressing specific community issues and tasks and by serving in an advisory role for the benefit of the community. As a general rule, they gather information, assess problems, and recommend solutions to the Board. A committee is created to provide counseling and advice for the Board or handle a task on the Board’s agenda. Any recommendations made by a committee need to be approved by the Board, but remember, the Board is not obligated to go with committee suggestions.

Can board members also serve on a committee?

Yes, board members can serve on a committee as long as a majority of the Board is not on the committee. If a majority of the Board were to serve on a committee, that would be considered a quorum of the Board.  With a quorum of the board meeting, it would constitute a board meeting hence violating the open meetings act per Illinois Condo Law. 

What steps should the Board take prior to setting up a committee?

  1. Consult with your property manager
  2. Check HOA’s Governing Documents
  3. Create HOA Committee Charters
  4. Establish an Organizational Structure for Each HOA Committee
  5. Create Clear Job Descriptions for Committee Members
  6. Recruit Committee Members

What are some common committees associations will form?

  1. Landscaping Committee – A very common committee that helps to advise the Board on the look and feel of the landscaping for the property.
  2. Rules Committee – to help update the association’s rules and regulations.
  3. Architectural Committee – Help make sure the standards of the community are kept and to approve any additions to the property or unit.
  4. Social Committee -This committee helps plan social events for the owners.

Please make sure to attend your open board meetings to learn about any committees your association might have.