If you’re planning construction or unit improvement projects this year, remember to follow a few simple steps to ensure you don’t run into problems with neighbors or the Association.
Before you even get started, check your Association’s Declaration and Rules & Regulations to find out what the remodeling guidelines are for your property. 
If an Association requires approval prior to any work within your unit, be sure you have all the required documents for the Board’s or Committee’s review.  These generally include project specifications, drawings, and proof of contractor insurance and proper licenses.  Contact your Advantage Manager about timelines for review and approvals and any additional documentation required by your Association.
Proof of insurance for any contractor working in your unit should include liability and workers compensation coverage.  As the Homeowner, you should be listed as the Certificate Holder.  Your Association and Advantage Management should be listed as additional insured on the certificate of insurance.  This will help protect you, other Homeowners, and the Association in the event of accidents, damage, or injuries during the course of construction.
All work must comply with local building, health, and safety codes.  Keep in mind your Association and Advantage Management are not responsible for ensuring your compliance, nor does any approval by the Association or Advantage imply compliance with local requirements.
Your Association may have the right to inspect the work underway on your property to ensure it complies with the plans they approved.
You will be held financially responsible for any damage to the common elements, limited common elements, other units or property resulting from the work done on your project or by your contractor.
As the Homeowner, you are responsible for ensuring that the main phone line, cable, power and other utility lines sustain no damage from your construction project.  This responsibility also extends to all common areas and your neighbor’s units as well.
Properties generally have designated construction hours.  If you’re not sure when construction is allowed, please contact your Advantage Manager.
You must arrange to have all project-related debris and supplies removed daily. The Association will bill you if it has to clean up a common area disturbed by your project.
When noisy construction is scheduled to begin, it is encouraged to notify your neighbors above, below, and on the sides of your unit.
If your work involves the need for any water shut downs within the building, please contact your Advantage Manager well in advance to schedule it.
Though temporarily inconvenient, in-unit construction is a very positive thing for Associations.  Please be sure you plan accordingly.  If ever in doubt, please contact your Advantage Manager.